Voyage Around My Room – Discussion series

In collaboration with Gabriel Ventura (Barcelona, 1988 – Writer)

Villard and Cottard, sketch of Globe Terrestre au millionième (1889)

Research project and discussions with cultural agents around the contemporary problems that derive from the connectivity of our rooms with the world. Shifting the gaze of the screen, we propose an attentional and agential exercise towards the material objects that inhabit our rooms. These objects not only have usage, exchange and exposure values, but also a hidden critical value. Their routes to our houses - from extraction in mines of the global south, passing through factories and crossing oceans as cargo - tell us about the dynamics of global anthropocentric exploitation.

Our goal is to combat the colonization of attention - and, ultimately, our intimate imagination - through a shift in our senses, in a way that is very similar to what Xavier de Maistre did in the late eighteenth century with his work Voyage autor de ma chambre (1794). As a result of a duel, Xavier de Maistre was confined to a room for 42 days. The only way to expand his freedom was by means of a rebellion of the imagination, and he decided to initiate a physical and mental trip around his room. We propose a similar twist of the body and gaze at the era of turbo-capitalist magic.

International commerce map by Kiln Digital // AR app developed by Amazon // Alan Sekula, Forgotten Space (2010)

This project seeks to invite artists, thinkers, designers, architects, town planners, etc. to open a dialogue on strategical critiques of our closest material environment.


02/23/2019 - Radio Encounter to the Infinite. With the participation of Luz Broto (Artist), Miquel Mates (object designer), Guillem Pujol (Political Scientist), Carme Torrent (Dancer).
06/29/2019 - Radio encounter in Correus. With the participation of Alfredo Costa Monteiro (Sound Artist).